Sunday, December 12, 2010

Poland - in Lodz

One of my recent concerts in Poland included Lodz (pronounced "Woodj"). As it was during the holiday of Chanukah, there was a candle lighting ceremony prior to my performance. The Rabbi of Lodz sang the blessings and Ma Oz Tzur. I captured part of it with my camera and wanted to share it with you. Notice the familiar melody but with the probably very unfamiliar Polish pronunciations of the Hebrew words in this classic song.

Here are a few shots of my performance too, taken by a French film student, doing a project in Poland for her school in Belgium.

These were taken while I played one of my favorite Ladino songs, "Cuando el rey Nimrod" which is a song about the birth of Abraham. I hope to release a recording of this song with the RebbeSoul Power Percussion Trio sometime in the near future.

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