Saturday, January 14, 2012

new music, new tour

Working on tracks with Yemenite singer, Shlomit Levi and planning to tour in Europe and the USA later this year as "Shlomit & The Rebbe."  It's Yemenite and world music, a tasty combination and very new.

Here's the first track we worked on, featuring some special guests from Orphaned Land and Gaya in Israel.  It's called "Ruchi" in Yemenite which means My Spirit.  Click Shlomit's picture below and it will take you to the track.

If clicking on the photo doesn't work, try this link:

Wanna' invite us to your town or venue?  Just contact us here.
There's more information on this unique project my blog and a ReverbNation page for Shlomit & The Rebbe which has more tracks, photos, and an impromptu video, live in the studio.

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